Yusuf’s Day of Hope

Yusuf’s Day of Hope is a not-for-profit  that raises funds to support the Norman Saunders Complex Care Initiative at the Hospital for Sick Children, Schulich Centre for Family Medicine at the Humber River Health and Deen Support Services. Named after Yusuf who suffers from 3 rare genetic disorders and numerous complex medical complications, YDOH was founded by his parents Imam Imran and Kameeza Ally in 2007 after Yusuf’s health continued to deteriorate. It is their hope that this small but sincere initiative will be a way to give back to the community, and bring awareness of the tremendous work that these organizations are doing.
Every summer, relatives, friends, and well wishers come together for YDOH to continue the HOPE through this small but sincere initiative to give back to these outstanding institutions which continue to serve the community.

Yusuf’s Story

Yusuf has a smile that lights up a room and the charms that will melt your heart but no one can imagine how much he has endured in such a short time. Within weeks of being born, Yusuf was diagnosed with Klebsiella Meningitis, an inflammation caused by bacteria that affects the protective covering of the central nervous system. He was treated at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, but during his stay additional serious conditions developed. Yusuf suffers from three rare genetic disorders that causes multiple organ dysfunction and numerous infections. His life is anything but normal, as he spends a significant amount of time in the hospital battling one complication after another. After countless admission to the ICU and his progression to Palliative Care, Yusuf’s doctors did a trial treatment as part of their humanitarian effort which made an incredible difference in his life. As a result of this treatment, Yusuf is now at home with his mom, dad, and his two brothers.
Yusuf is the first person in the world known for his diagnosis but despite his complexity, he remains a happy and playful child. Yusuf has recently graduated from the Hospital for Sick Children and currently making new friends at the University Health Network Hospitals.

Norman Saunders Complex Care Initiative

Imagine caring for a child who has twelve different medical problems; is treated by twelve distinct sub-specialists, requires home care, has school issues and falls sick continuously. For parents and caregivers of children with medically complex conditions, this is life. These children are a diverse group with diagnostic conditions that are individually rare but collectively relatively common. Children with Complex Health Needs (CCHN) are a vulnerable and growing group of children who have multiple health needs, requiring multiple services from multiple sectors in multiple locations. Care coordination for this population of children is challenging and if not optimized can lead to poor child and family centered health. The Norman Saunders Complex Care Initiative, affectionately known as ‘Complex Care Program’ at the Hospital for Sick Children provides specialized care and services for such children. The Complex Care Team is made up of staff physicians, nurse practitioners, CNS, social workers, pharmacists, dieticians, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, information coordinators and a clinical director. To learn more about NORMAN SAUNDERS COMPLEX CARE INITIATIVE, click here

Humber River Health

Our community urgently needs more primary care providers to provide more comprehensive primary care. That’s why Humber River Health has been working with the University of Toronto Temerty Faculty of Medicine to establish the Schulich Family Medicine Teaching Unit (Schulich FMTU) at our Hospital.

This will provide a setting that fosters academic excellence to help train medical residents in family medicine for years to come, with the ultimate goal for them to build and establish their practices within our community.  Beyond that, the Schulich FMTU will provide a place where the people of our community can access family medical care, so their health needs are managed throughout their lives.

To learn more about Humber River Health, click here

Deen Support Services

DEEN Support Services is a registered Canadian charity founded by Muslims with Disabilities. DEEN operates a number of programs & services in Mississauga, Ottawa and Scarborough and serves all individuals with disabilities regardless of religion, language and culture.Their mission is advancing community inclusion by offering culturally and spiritually relevant services for families and individuals living with disabilities. To learn more about Deen Support Services, click here 

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